Ecliptic Designs and Photography - Katie - Photographer
Katie Levith

Photographer, Model, Social Media Specialist, Dancer

Katie has been modeling since 1990. She has had hundreds of photo sessions with great photographers. She is known for her professionalism and technique. Photographers rave about Katie’s extensive knowledge and experience in modeling, making their job a “piece of cake”.

She started her photography career in early 2012. With her unique style and creative sixth sense, she captures moments that other photographers see past. With knowledge in both modeling and photography, Katie will deliver the best results.

Ecliptic Designs and Photography - Aaron Levith
Aaron Levith

Certified Web Designer, Certified Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot, Percussionist

Aaron has been involved in web development and design since 1999. His list of languages include PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. He has over a decade of experience in management and process improvement.

Aaron is also an FAA instrument rated, multi-engine pilot. He received his training at Florida Institute of Technology.